We performed IFNg-ELISPOT at 4dpi, 10dpi, and 14dpi using peptide pools spanning the NS5 peptide for the African lineage zika virus. Each pool was comprised of 10 overlapping 15mer peptides. Each peptide pool was run in duplicate, as well as a Concanavalin A (ConA) positive control and a non-stimulated negative control. Data was baseline corrected by subtracting the average negative control values from each response. A threshold of 10.0 SFC/100,000 cells was set as the minimum value to be considered a positive T cell response.

295022       562876       405734

Shared responses were observed in two animals with a shared MHC haplotype, which suggests that these peptide responses may be restricted the shared Mamu-A*006 allele. elispot_summary