Dataset: Complete blood counts, Day -3

Contains up to one row of hematology (Complete blood counts) data for each Participant/Date/testid combination.
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Participant ID Date Taskid Testid Method Result Units Qualitative result Remark
8275772016-03-04640026Basophils 0.1% Slide scan performed
8275772016-03-04640026Eosinophils 1.8% Slide scan performed
8275772016-03-04640026Hematocrit value 42.4% Slide scan performed
8275772016-03-04640026Hemoglobin 14.0g/dL Slide scan performed
8275772016-03-04640026Lymphocytes 44.1% Slide scan performed
8275772016-03-04640026Mean corpuscular hemoglobin 23.4picograms Slide scan performed
8275772016-03-04640026Mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration 33.0g/dL Slide scan performed
8275772016-03-04640026Mean corpuscular volume 70.8fL Slide scan performed
8275772016-03-04640026Mean platelet volume 9.9fL Slide scan performed
8275772016-03-04640026Monocytes 10.5% Slide scan performed
8275772016-03-04640026Neutrophils 43.5% Slide scan performed
8275772016-03-04640026Platelet Count 602.0ths/uL Slide scan performed
8275772016-03-04640026Red blood cell distribution width 13.2% Slide scan performed
8275772016-03-04640026Red blood cells 5.9910^6/uL Slide scan performed
8275772016-03-04640026White blood cells 9.56ths/uL Slide scan performed