Investigator: O'Connor and Osorio Grant: NIH P51 to WNPRC and NIH R01 supplement 3R01AI116382-01A1S1 to O'Connor

ZIKV-024 tracks data in 37 datasets over 709 time points. Data is present for 3 Participants.

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Primary objective:

To examine whether immunity elicited by previous Zika virus infection impacts subsequent infection with Dengue virus, we will infect three rhesus macaques that were previously infected with and re-challenged with French Polynesian Zika virus (ZIKV-FP) in our first Zika virus infections (ZIKV-001), with Dengue virus serotype 2 (DENV-2) strain New Guinea C.

Study design:

Three Indian-origin rhesus macaques (ZIKV-001), previously infected with ZIKV-FP, will be infected subcutaneously with 105 PFU DENV-2 (New Guinea C strain). Blood plasma, urine, and saliva will be collected at multiple times during infection. Viral RNA will be measured using qRT-PCR for all sample types. Complete blood counts, chemistry panels, and immunophenotyping will be performed for all animals.



  • February 6, 2017: challenge with DENV-2 was successful.

Clinical and Assay Data

Viral RNA quantification



  • Neutralizing Antibody Titers
    • PRNT90 ZIKA | DENV
    • DENV and ZIKV PRNT post ZIKV infection and pre DENV infection Graph | Data



Neutralizing antibody data looking at the cross-reactivity of ZIKV and DENV prior to DENV-2 infection. DENV Data | ZIKV Data

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DENV neutralizing antibodies pre and post DENV-2 infection Data

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Neutralizing antibody data looking at the cross-reactivity of ZIKV and DENV. Animals were previous exposed to ZIKV-FP approximately one year prior to DENV-2 challenge.  Days post DENV-2 infection (ZIKV-024) indicated by "d". Data

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We deep sequenced the dengue virus stock using the unbiased approaches.  This method converts the vRNA into double stranded cDNA.  The cDNA is fragmented with the Nextera XT kit and then tagged for sequencing on the Illumina MiSeq.  Data was analyzed using the Zequencer tool, but mapping to the dengue reference FJ39039.gbk.

The vcf file and an excel annotation file are attached.  

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