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Further investigation of saliva transmission in rhesus macaques mmohns  2016-10-17
Following the experimental design of the ZIKV-007 through ZIKV-012 studies, today we challenged two more rhesus macaques to continue our studies on the potential for saliva transmission of Zika virus.

ZIKV-015 was challenged via tonsils with a high dose 10e6 PFU of the Asian lineage Zika virus to confirm that mucosal infection is possible. ZIKV-016 was inoculated with 10e4 PFU Asian lineage Zika virus subcutaneously as we have demonstrated the outcome of infections in previous Zika studies. Throughout the course of infection, we will collect saliva/drool samples which will be used to challenge two rhesus macaques via the tonsillar route on 10/20/2016 (ZIKV-017).

In this set of studies, we will be analyzing viral loads daily through 10dpi, then weekly through 28dpi. We will also perform assays to identify neutralizing antibody titers using samples from the later timepoints post-infection.