ZIKV-002 challenge virus sequence information

ZIKV-002 challenge virus sequence information david h oconnor  2016-03-11
I just posted our initial analysis of the ZIKV-002 challenge sequence. Of interest to others who are using this African lineage virus, we noted a four amino-acid deletion in the majority of sequences in a region of envelope. It is possible this occurred during in vitro expansion of the source virus, but it is also possible this deletion is present in the source virus. At this time, we have no way to assess when the deletion arose or what, if any, impact it will have on virus replication. We would urge others using their viruses to sequence them. If you have a challenge stock that will be used in an animal study, Dr. Shelby O'Connor (soconnor@primate.wisc.edu) will sequence it free of charge as a service provided by the Wisconsin National Primate Research Center's Genetics Services Unit.