Infected david h oconnor  2016-03-09
All three animals challenged with African lineage Zika virus are now infected. As before, the amount of virus in the blood one day after infection is proportional to the challenge dose. Also similar to our first study, virus is not detected in the urine early during infection even when it is present in blood.

Andrea notes that viral loads at day 1 and 2 are slightly lower than what we observed in ZIKV-001.

[UPDATE] - after looking more closely, this difference is more striking than I initially noticed. All three of the animals challenged with African ZIKV have lower viral loads than any of the three animals challenged with Asian ZIKV. If this trend holds, and it is still very, very preliminary, it could provide a reason why the consequences of Asian/American ZIKV infections are more severe than what was previously observed in Africa.

Information about the challenge virus should be available later tonight.